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Triumphantly bearing the weight of saying goodbye to a mother due to drug addiction, separation from a father due to incarceration, and being left behind by a beautiful sister and older brother due to unforseen deaths by suicide, Hakim Hardy, nee, B.Keyz, is a veteran rap voice, shining a light on hip hop that is timely in delivering word savvy healing to a generation of millenials seeking societal answers.

Though a poster child of someone who couldve easily been sucked into the vacuum of circumstance, he instead used these tragic examples as a way to catapult him into a world of creativity, compassion, understanding, and purpose. Keyz has now hyper focused on his gifts in the presence of roaring crowds at packed out concert houses as he first experienced live performance while touring the country with his brothers apart of the Beautiful Mind collective, lead by rising musical mainstay, Jon Bellion.