#WordToHeistBox is a campaign providing people with an outlet to share experiences of TRIUMPH through ADVERSITY. These words come from the perspectives of individuals who were once drowning in darkness.....

September 14th, 2018

Favorite Song: Deja Vu


This year was extremely tough on me. Last year on Christmas Eve my best friend overdosed on pills and alcohol. I remember driving to the hospital, seeing the look on his mom’s face, and feeling this overwhelming feeling of sadness take over me. About three weeks after that, I got a call from a hospital. They had found my dad in a van unresponsive. He had overdosed on heroin. Both of these took huge tolls on me, and it was hard to find motivation to do anything. I had to put my aspirations of making a career in music on hold, and I went through a serious depression. For a long time it felt like I would never give out of that mindset. But slowly I began to crawl myself out, realizing that despite everything I went through, I was still the one able to make the decision to get up every morning, put myself back together, and chase the dreams and goals I want to accomplish in this life. 

Now, 9 months later, I’m happy to say I’m on the right track, and even though I still have a long way to go, I can wake up happy knowing that I’m in control of my life, and that I can reach any goal I set my mind to with perseverance, hard work, and a positive outlook on life. And at every step of the way, I know I’ll always have music. Keyz: Your music is apart of small group of artists and rappers that inspire me everyday to create, get better at the craft and artistry, and push myself to greater heights. 

Thank you for creating this platform and outlet for people to share their stories. 
I can’t wait to see you headlining sold out tours across the country, and I hope one day I’ll be able to create music that has the same effect on people that yours has had on me. #WordToHeistBoX


September 13th, 2018

Favorite Song: The Letter


My senior year of high school was supposed to be my best year. It’s supposed to be everyone’s best, right? I went into it with my head held high and my mind set on making it the best year of my life. I never thought by the end of it, I’d be sitting cross legged on my bed contemplating downing a whole bottle of pills. I’d ended up in a toxic relationship with a guy who manipulated my mind and my emotions. My family had turned its back on me and I’d been sexually assaulted and broken down until I felt like nothing. I still remember the night I’d decided I wanted to die. I’d been trying to get out of that relationship for months but every time I tried, I was met with threats and vicious, manipulative promises. My family didn’t care, in fact they told me the pain I was putting them through was far more important than what I’d been feeling. I was more trouble than I was worth...right? 

Music has always been my escape. That and books. For some reason that night, you crossed my mind. I knew you’d released HeistBoX but I had yet to listen, and something pushed me to listen through the album before I did anything drastic. I remember clutching that pill bottle in my hand and hearing:
“I need to tell your story to someone losing their balance
Looking over the ledge and second guessing their value
Let 'em know there ain't a dollar price of what your worth is
As long as we are on Earth we are all serving a purpose”. I put the bottle down and I cried that whole night. When I woke up, I felt different. My situation hadn’t changed, but my mindset had. 

I’ve been out of that relationship for three years now and I’m now in a loving, healthy one. My family and I are close again. If I’d ended my life then, I would’ve been 17. I’m 20 now and I’m striving to improve my mental health daily. In fact, you called me on my 18 birthday and you don’t even know how much that meant to me! I cried and told you I was watching Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World .


September 12th, 2018

Favorite Song: Never Change


There was a time when my life was a fairytale. I was highly involved in school, was in the top 10% in my class, had a caring and loving family, and was dreaming of being an engineer. I had worked hard everyday to earn every single one of the beauties in my life. I always had a smile on my face and was always ready to start the day early. But then I met a girl. Yes it’s cheesy, yes I was young and knew absolutely nothing about it; that is why it destroyed me. This was my first love so I went in completely blind. I had no idea that it would be emotionally abusive. I didn’t even know what emotional abuse was until after. I put everything on the line for this girl but it was never enough, she had emotional issues that I thought I could help with and me helping her did the opposite of helping myself. I put her above everything: my grades dropped severely, I didn’t hang out with my friends, my family lost trust in me because i was always with her when I was supposed to be somewhere else, I stopped writing music and learning instruments, everything stopped. It wasn’t until my senior year when we finally broke up, and it didn’t phase me. But that’s not where it gets better, that’s where it gets worse. I was too blinded to realize I had burnt all of my bridges. My friend group had split up and gone to different friend groups, my family didn’t trust me at all, I woke up everyday tired. Exhausted. Who am I? Who have I become? I fell into a depression. I couldn’t fathom that the charming man I had used to be had become a distant memory. There was one friend I had left to try, he had graduated a few years before me. I called him one day and he said he was down to chill. YES this is where it gets better... no. It gets worse the ditch I was in was about to become a crater. I go over to hang out with him and there are drugs. Yes, drugs. And in my depressed state I was down for anything that gave me an escape. I became a daily user. College started and I already was failing within weeks. My dad and I got into a huge argument and he ended up trying to beat me. After just taking it because of how guilty I really felt, he kicked me out. Now I had to leave and drive 1100 miles away to live with my mom who I had seen very rarely. I got there and she instantly enrolled me in a local university. Maybe a chance at redemption. Disappointing enough, I dropped out there too. My drug use and depression was at an all time high and I never showed to class. It wasn’t until one day I had had enough. No one texted me from Ohio asking how I was or even really said anything. My dad said he never wanted to see me again, my mom was trying but she also takes care of my two baby brothers. I was alone. My life was going nowhere. So what was the point of it dragging out? At the time there was no point. So I grabbed pain pills and went to my room. I just began to cry. The idea of suicide had always seemed so distant to me for years, it didn’t now. I opened the pills. One.., two.., three.. I tried to put in a fourth but couldn’t. Something in that moment had changed. I to this day do not know, but I grabbed the pills and the drugs and just threw them in the trash. I had reached the breaking point beyond the breaking point; something had to change. Everything did. I called my dad. He answers and we just talk. Like nothing happened. And he ended the call with three words that I had taken for granted for all my life. The only three words that could’ve changed my life around. “I love you”. The next day I woke up changed, not the same as I was years ago, but changed. I found an entry job in IT. Jumpstarting my life; I made friends with the coworkers, enjoying my job, and feeling better. I think I about escaped the crater. To this day it’s is a daily battle, I do get lonely. We aren’t meant to be lonely. But I am just happy I’m here. Thanks for letting me tell my story.

- @Kaleebthedream

September 11th, 2018

Favorite Song: The Letter


“You should’ve taken a second instead of taking your life” is a line I wish I could just tell everyone but of course it’s not that simple and something I think about on the daily. My senior year my parents kicked me out for visiting family members they did not like. Nothing more. I never did drugs. Never drank. Didn’t get pregnant. None of the “normal” reasons to get kicked out on the street barely at the age of 18. And that was hard. That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. I went through months of wanting it all to end. Thinking I didn’t matter to even my own parents. My parents straight up disowned me. I questioned for months on if they loved me. Not being able to see my siblings grow. Not being motivated to finish anything for school. My parents didn’t make it to my prom. My graduation. Or even seeing me off to college. I did it all though. I proved to myself and others that even through rough times I can still do good.I also luckily had amazing friends that took me in as their own. Shared everything with me just to make me feel loved and wanted. I learned that it’s okay to not be strong and lean on someone if I can’t handle all the weight. And I feel like that’s what a lot of people struggle with. Not wanting anyone’s help. But you have to accept it because there is always someone out there willing to help you and that loves you. I didn’t talk to my parents for two years. Those two years are what shaped me. People think I’m insane but I’m thankful for every fucked up thing that has happened to me. I think I’m pretty okay despite what’s happened. Thank you Keyz for making this inbox for people like me to share their stories and hopefully inspire someone that they can make it through whatever they’re going through. You’re inspiring. God bless you and kudos. 

- @irene_thebean

September 10th, 2018

Favorite Song: Killer Instinct (Wrath of Jago)


I’ve had a really rough time the past few years and sometimes it feels like it’s never going to go away, but I am proud of what I have been through and got through. Music is therapy for the soul. I can’t count the times I used to listen to my parents screaming the house down at each other, physically and emotionally hurting each other, getting sent to a jail cell for a night, coming back from some party and having the whole street coming over and asking them to quieten down, and I put in some headphones, listened to some music to drown it out and I could be elsewhere. I got kicked out of my house a month before the most important exams of my life. My mum was a raging alcoholic who put men before her children and so she chose who she wanted and me and my little brother were left to rely on family and keep going to school. I managed to get straight A’s. My friendships suffered at times and I lost people through being distant but I got the grades and I got into my chosen university. My family drama is still on going. It feels like my mum has died and I had not seen her for a year until I accidentally ran into her the other day. My dad is not as supportive as I wish he could be as he has a whole new family but he looks after my brother. I have good family, good friends, I study hard and I try to get on with things. There’s always something going on but I’ve come this far. I don’t know what I’d do without music. Your music. Jon’s music. Mac Miller’s music. Travis’s. I seek music as a solace in my rough times and I get through what I’m going through better when I’m listening to it. So thank you for creating a safe space for me Keyz, you really don’t know what you do for people.

- @chloejesslizzie

may 3rd, 2017

Favorite Song: Witness Protection


First i have to say; i really admire your rap name, its super nostalgic.. it brings back the memory of when i was about 4 years old id sit with my grandpa at the piano and watch him play, and i remember telling him that my favorites were the black keys and he'd laugh and keep playing his beautiful music. I never played much piano growing up,(i liked playing basketball more) but sometimes when anger hits too hardcore (at age 22), i go to the piano and play just the black keys and it makes me feel so grounded that i can actually hear someone whistling along to the tune I'm playing(usually only if its any good) i think the whistling is the muse in my head agreeing with my choice of outlet for the overwhelming rage at times. Either way, sick name man. I admire so much about the music video witness protection- i can relate to the environment(white room) coincidently dreaming of a white room very similar just a couple days before i saw the video. I was in a nightmare(legit like dreaming nightmare) i was basically being held captive by men in uniform with guns so to get away to a safe place i opened a door that led into a giant white room like the one you all are in. Nothing could follow me there or hurt me in the white room. my dreams are very vivid, and most of the time the information given to me in my dreams isn't verbally spoken to me, its just a 'knowing' or a 'crown' you could say. my crowns knowledge was that whoever believes in the 'white room' could see and enter. So i see it as a protective sanctuary of the mind that fear cannot enter into. And for me thats what rap is, so you boyz nailed it. boom bang. I'm a huge fan. I secretly think Jon is my soul mate, i have many a writings that I'm honestly starting more and more to think relate to him. Im a writer for sure.. but i don't know so much on beat making (although i try so hard on garage band using my old skool dj keyboard).. I really enjoy writing raps and or lyrics especially when the mind gets loud. Tuning into a wave of creative writing is something that keeps me grounded. Seeing this music video reassured parts of myself that writing raps is something that protects my real feelings from fear. I also like that you guys manipulated your voices all badass- maybe somewhat insinuating that you are the fear(in a sense)either way, i dig. The video speaks in so many ways, you gentlemen have genuine talent thats for sure. Im so thankful for the art and music you bring into the world. :)

- @katiedrummey

april 18th, 2017

Favorite Song on HeistBoX: Family Matters


One of my (used to be) friends went to The Human Condition concert in Seattle, he was so inspired by you and he wouldn't shut up about you and how much he loved you. After that he just waited until your album came out, when it did he listened to it all the time and said how good it was. I finally listened to it when we stopped being friends, ya know, things change, I always remember him talking about Family Matters. How good the song was, then I listened to it for the first time and it changed my life. I learned how valuable people are in life and how you really need family and friends. Now every time I hear Family Matters I get sad, but ya know how you can be sad in a good way? Yeah that kind of sad. I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this album, it helped me out in life so much - @sophiasheaa

March 8th, 2017

Favorite Song on HeistBoX: Fools Gold


When I herd this song I related in a way sorta. At the time I herd this I was in the same sort of relationship with the arguing and fighting. I kinda laughed to my self after hearing it because I related to it so much.And the story behind the song its so just so perfect in every way, And lyrically all of its geniuses and the flow is crazy and i just love the metaphors throughout the song , I love the beat to it reminds me of so many things lol .it I showed my friends the song and they liked it to just as i do. Keyz thank you for this music i'm so glad i found you keep doing what your doing man. peace out . - Quaid (P.S I pretty much love all the songs i just related to this one very much.) - @quaiid

February 11th, 2017

Favorite Song on HeistBoX: I cant even choose


I'm just a teenager and don't have tons of experiences with tough times but i was loosing myself in popularity and I went to see the human condition pt II at the House of Blues in Boston I met Blaque Keyz and at the time I only knew him for weight of the world on Jon's album. I was so taken aback by his humbleness and genuine love to his fans. after that I waited until HeistBoX came out and when it it changed me. I'm down to earth and have found a new love for music that is deeper than I could have ever imagined. Without Keyz I would't be me. Thank you Blaque Keyz- @landylax

January 12th, 2017

Favorite Song on HeistBoX: HeistBoX(Outro)


3 years ago my father took his own life, after 5 long years of unsuccessful suicide attempts. For a couple years I never accepted it and lived in ignorance. When it started to hit me I started to dive into drugs, hallucinogens specifically, to find answers. There was none there only more questions and I went into a deep depression. I began to allienate my friends and family. The skit where you find your mom hits close to home as I remember the same tone in my voice when my father passed. D.W.I.N.Y. Hit me because when you said "Back when mommy died and I was sleeping on your floor....... treat it like it's yours." It made me grateful for her because I have been living at her house for 6 months now because of issues that arrose in my family after my father's suicide. Heistbox hits me especially because it finally made me not feel alone, someone out there has struggled like me and had these terrible things happen in there family and still managed to see the light on the other side. I never thought I would see that light. This story doesn't just begin with heistbox though. My girlfriend and I went to see the first Terminal 5 show in NYC on Nov. 23 and that was when I first started to see the light. You, Jon, Travis, and the whole beautiful mind team opened my mind up. As a surprise Christmas present my girlfriend even took me to see you guys again on Dec. 8, the 3 year anniversary of my fathers death, at the paramount, unfortunately you weren't there which was upsetting though. Then I listened to heistbox, and for once I'm actually inspired to try to better myself, I can't lie that I've contemplated suicide many times but it's the people here that still care that keep me here, when you said your brother killed him self and went on further with it in heistbox it made me think of my little brother, because he's a musician, and the only time I ever see him is when he sings. You and the entire beautiful mind team have inspired me to try to rebuild the family I lost. Thank you #WordtoHeistBox - @nickreid29